SWTFOA Memorial Page

SWTFOA would like to remember and honor our members who have Passed on.

In Memory Of

Spencer Harris


 August 6, 1947 - December 20, 2018 

Brenda Williams


 October 16, 1962 - February 9, 2019

Chester Bradley

Chester Bradley

 Former certification chair

Other members who have passed on


Mary Jane Palasciano

Earl Milner

Don Barnett (1st board treasurer)

Jim Conlin ( 2 time Olympic official, 1st board VP)

Max Goldsmith

Eddy Lankford ( 2 time Olympic official)

Elbert Reed

Ed Roberts

Dennis VanOrder (former board member)

Fred Worley

Jack Waggoner

Tim Boultinghouse

Knox Pittard

Jerry Pooler

Ben Robertson

Jesse Shanks

Frank Smith

Henry Sollers

Joe Thomas

Joe Weisbaum

Robert Tighe